My Daily Life in the Netherlands #008

Welcome again to my life =)

Well, at least the life you see here on the blog. It's time to update what I did in June and July. Quite a lot I think, although it felt like ages ago already and it's just the start of August. Life moves on so fast.

The lake beach near our new house in Utrecht. Can you imagine this is just around the corner from our new house? I mean, seriously, just 100 meters away?!

Moi during the Gay Pride Canal Parade in Utrecht.

The main highlights were the summer holiday in June in the Greek Islands. This time we went to Karpathos, a new island for us.

Another thing to highlight is my work, although I can't and won't go into detail. It's somewhat taken over my sanity but I am managing, haha. There is just so much going on right now. I cannot lie that I am sometimes anxious about what will happen.

My car got broken into for the THIRD time! This time they took my tail lights. Strange. Sometimes I wish I have a simpler and cheaper car, which I do privately though. The Audi is from work and I have no choice, although I have to admit I love the comfort.

My mother in law's cat Lucy got lost when we were holidaying in Greece. She missed having a cat in the house so she adopted a new one. Her name is Puka. But after 4 weeks, someone spotted Lucy somewhere and the family quickly acted and went to check on the address in the middle of the night. After 45 minutes of searching the family found Lucy! What a miracle. So now, the mother in law has 2 cats =)

What else? We have been busy with the house.... we have finally decided on the floor. We are taking a ceramic floor with wood finish. We have floor heating so we can't have wood or laminates. I have begun making sketches for the garden as well. I am excited, the garden will be an extension of the house, a hangout, a second living and dining room.

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