Kevin Tsai, Dee Hsu’s new variety show fails to impress

(Toggle) Tears were shed when Taiwanese variety series Here Comes Kangxi, helmed by Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu, ended its run after 12 years in 2015. Naturally, fans rejoiced when it was announced that the duo will be pairing up again to host a brand new variety series in China called Zhen Xiang Ba! Hua Hua Wan Wu.

The China-produced internet programme was revealed to have a production value of RMB 60 million (approximately S$12.2 million) and boasts a stellar lineup of special guests such as Lin Chi-ling, Lin Gengxin, Ouyang Nana, and Barbie Hsu and her husband Wang Xiaofei, to name a few.

However, the show failed to live up to its hype despite a strong debut of more than a million clicks for its first episode which featured Chinese comedienne Xie Na.

Chinese microblogging platform Weibo was rife with discussions about the talk show – and not in a good way, after its debut episode aired. Some netizens remarked that it was “awkward” to watch while some felt that Dee, a Taiwanese, was not suitable to host a programme in China owing to the differences in both countries’ cultures.

Another netizen felt that the additional special effects and gags were unnecessary frills with both Kevin and Dee at helm. “It’s like having an Alessandro Michele design and inviting dozens of celebs to walk the runway. It’s unnecessary and takes away the attention [from the hosts]. It’s a pity,” said netizen expressed.

Source: Toggle

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